Become an Apprentice

To Apply to the EarthDance Farm and Garden Apprenticeship Program:

Your full application is due at 12pm on February 15th, 2015

The application has three parts:

Part I—Basic demographic information (complete online)

Part II—Essay questions (complete online)

Part III—Mail your part III materials to: EarthDance, 233 S. Dade Avenue, Ferguson MO, 63135.  Include:

  • Your resume
  • One letter of recommendation from a professional reference
  • A photo of yourself
  • Scholarship Request, if applicable (Apprenticeship Scholarship Request)
  • $25 application fee.

EarthDance staff will contact you when we receive your full application.  You will be notified about the status of your application by March 1st.  The 2015 apprenticeship orientation will take place in late March. Field work will begin mid-April.

The EarthDance Farm and Garden Apprenticeship 

Apprentices, or “Freshman Farmies,” commit a minimum of 9.5 hours per week to the program – which includes field walks, farm time and market labor. Weekly enrichment sessions provide additional education on topics like crop planning, pest and disease prevention, and preserving the harvest. Field trips to local farms complete the apprenticeship.

This program was developed because the need for small-scale organic growers, especially in the St. Louis region, is increasing every day. All people who wish to engage in growing food in a cooperative working and learning environment are great candidates for this program, and more specifically:

  • Recent Graduates: Recent graduates of area colleges and universities interested in organic farming, sustainability, environmental science, environmental / experiential education, agroecology, and other related careers
  • Career Changers: Individuals interested in pursuing a different career path, and considering starting their own farm enterprise
  • North County Residents: Local community members interested in creating healthier lifestyles through increased activity and greater access to fresh food
  • Educators: Educators wanting to incorporate sustainable food production into their teaching, and perhaps interested in starting a school garden
  • Wellness professionals: Individuals who are interested in exploring the connections between environmental stewardship, healthy food, and public health

The Four Foundational Components of the program:

  • Farm Work
  • Enrichment classes, including field trips to local farms and gardens
  • Selling at farmers markets
  • CSA