Farmers Market Season Begins!

by Molly on April 3, 2012

EarthDance will be participating in the Schlafly Farmers Markets (previously known as the Maplewood Farmers Market) on Wednesdays (4-7pm) starting this Wednesday, April 4th! We will have spinach, kale, carrots, scallions, fresh garlic/transplants and herbs available, as well as pepper and tomato starts for sale for anyone who wants to grow their own at home. The varieties available will be:

Pepper - Early Jalapeno (hot)

Pepper - Corno Di Toro Gaillo (sweet)

Tomato - Sungold (cherry)

Tomato - Tropic (slicer)

Tomato - Blondkopfchen (cherry)

Tomato - Brandywine (slicer, heirloom)

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