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Note from the Founder: July

by Molly on July 8, 2015

When In Drought: Think Outside the Box of Cornflakes I don’t get the paper. I think it’s a generational thing. But I always enjoy reading it when I’m at my parents’, or a friend’s house who does. This past Sunday I had one of those nice laidback weekend mornings where I sat on the patio […]

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Can’t Beet ‘Em

by Guest Contributor July 7, 2015

You can’t beet ’em! Aside from being one of our favorite vegetable puns, beets have quite a flavor reputation, both good and bad. Most people tend to fall into one of two categories, either they adore them or they despise them. While beets are naturally sweet and jam packed full of nutrition, it is easy […]

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Cooking Matters: Building Food leaders From the Seed to the Table

by Jennifer Fleischmann July 7, 2015

Discussing the ways in which they can be leaders of the good food movement, several Junior Farm Crew participants shared ambitions from being chefs and restaurant owners who incorporate fresh farm and garden produce. One member stressed the importance of providing both family and neighbors with veggies like the ones they have grown and harvested […]

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Notes from the Field: July

by Monica Pless July 7, 2015

Rain, rain, go away! Come again another way! Busting the Rain Myth We’ve been getting so much rain. 13.4 in. the last month. That’s 9 inches above the average! And I know, you all are probably also really sick of it. So often when I talk to folks on the street, they comment “Oh, it’s […]

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The Farmers Market: A Place Where Change Begins

by Guest Contributor June 22, 2015

“I already have a master’s degree in gardening!”, proudly belts the eight year old running in tight circles with a few sprigs of chocolate mint in his hand. “Huh. Nope, I don’t believe that.” “I do too!”, he sing-songly replied, “ Miss Sara gave it to me!” I look over to Matt, my farmers market […]

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