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Rainscaping refers to strategies to keep storm water on your landscape in cisterns and barrels and ponds, or in the soil, rather than allowing it to run into the streets and sewers.  Storm runoff carries pollutants like oil, trash, fertilizers and pesticides into our fresh water, and sometimes overwhelms our dual use sewer system (translation: […]

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Show Ferguson Some Love!

by Jennifer Fleischmann August 28, 2014

“Violence begets more violence.” This is what Danyelle, one of our eight Junior Farm Crew members, shared, during a discussion held on the farm in the aftermath of the tragedy of Michael Brown’s death.  Many in Ferguson, including EarthDance,  now seek to halt the cycle of violence . To support this process, EarthDance  is now […]

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Meet Our Easy Chickens

by Rachel August 20, 2014

Since June of this year, EarthDance’s Seven Generations Garden has had the lively company of several fowl friends—laying hens, provided by a family business called The Easy Chicken. Taking care of “Betsy,” “Penelope,” and the rest of the small flock was a favorite activity of Jr. Farm Crew members this summer, and youth groups love to […]

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SNAP 2 It!

by Jennifer Fleischmann August 12, 2014

The St. Louis Farmers Market Association is raising funds to establish a matching dollar program for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or food stamp, recipients at farmers markets in St. Louis. The aptly-named SNAP 2 IT! project will increase access to local, healthy, affordable sources of food in St. Louis while boosting economic support for […]

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Women in Farming

by Monica Pless August 12, 2014

Two months ago, I went to get more diesel for the tractor. I was standing in dirty, torn farm jeans at a gas station in town and a man on the other side of the pump asked me “if the boys had sent me to get gas.” While those types of questions don’t faze me, […]

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Pesto Festo’s Winning Recipes

by Rachel August 8, 2014

Thanks to the nine cooks that entered the pesto cook-off at Pesto Festo, Saturday August 2nd. EarthDance still has plenty of lush and fragrant basil.  So why not make your own unique pesto dish?   Or, try out one of the winning recipes: 1st Place: Pesto Cheese Cracker prepared by Madeline Kaufman Pesto Paste – […]

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