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Fruit in History: History, when looked at like a tree, is loaded with juicy fruit. Treasure fleets of 15th century China lined their top-most decks with citrus trees for extended oversea expeditions. They realized that something locked within (vitamin C, in this case) prevented the onset of a sailor’s worst enemy, scurvy. Bananas forged an […]

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by Guest Contributor February 10, 2015

As we prepare for what the fast-approaching growing season will bring, it is helpful to remind ourselves of how much the holiday season gave us to be grateful for. A unique gift we received from EarthDance supporters, Ulrike and Tom Schlafly: inclusion in their 2014 Christmas card. The reactions of staff made it clear how […]

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A Day On for a Day Off: Martin Luther King Day of Service

by Jennifer Fleischmann February 3, 2015

We were thrilled to host students and staff from College Bound at the farm for the annual Martin Luther King Day of Service in which we not only completed projects around the farm and office, but also welcomed the opportunity to connect with local youth. Staff and volunteers kicked off the group welcome by sharing what had […]

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Note from the Founder: February

by Molly February 3, 2015

“Apply self-regulation and accept feedback.” This is another one of the 12 permaculture principles that showcase how we humans can mimic natural systems for best results and highest functionality. We at EarthDance are committed to demonstrating permaculture in action at our Organic Farm School, so I’ll be sharing my own learning and reflection about this […]

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Permaculture Movie Night & Workshop

by Matt January 27, 2015

We have great news for all of you fruit tree lovers and permaculture designers–we’ll be putting on an event March 27th-28th at EarthDance, a screening of The Permaculture Orchard and planting workshop! On the night of the 27th, the film will be screened in our new greenhouse. The movie we have selected is “The Permaculture […]

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