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Rainscaping refers to strategies to keep storm water on your landscape in cisterns and barrels and ponds, or in the soil, rather than allowing it to run into the streets and sewers. ┬áStorm runoff carries pollutants like oil, trash, fertilizers and pesticides into our fresh water, and sometimes overwhelms our dual use sewer system (translation: […]

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“Right to Farm” is WRONG for Missouri Farmers

by Molly July 23, 2014

“Right to Farm” is WRONG for Missouri Farmers an Editorial by Molly Rockamann   At first glance, you might think that this language is something I would support: A ‘yes’ vote will amend the Missouri Constitution to guarantee the rights of Missourians to engage in farming and ranching practices, subject to any power given to […]

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Meet Michael Caldie, Summer Intern

by LaTia Thomas July 23, 2014

Michael Caldie is rooted firmly in Southern Indiana. Growing up well outside the town of Columbus, he had always been close to nature but did not become a local food advocate until much later. It was through environmental and social justice groups at Indiana University that he quickly became enamored in a wide array of […]

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The Weed Battle

by Monica Pless July 21, 2014

Two weeks ago, I was worried. Our mower had broken, the foxtail grass was as tall as I was, with big bundles of seed just about to drop all over the fields, and we were going on weekly cabbage hunts on the south end of the field. I was always shocked to find the cabbages […]

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The First of Seven Generations

by Matt July 21, 2014

Thus far, 2014 being a wonderful year at the farm– not only in the production fields, but in our Seven Generations Garden as well. Amidst much anticipation, this has been the first year in which we’ve integrated a gardening component to our flagship apprenticeship program: now named the Farm and Garden Apprenticeship. While in the […]

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Meet Alan Prater, EarthDance Media Intern!

by Rachel July 9, 2014

Alan is passionate about all things design. He attended college at Truman State University, in Kirksville, Missouri, where he received his BFA in Visual Communication. Alan was not very keen about farming before college, however, after taking an agriculture science class he began to think it was actually pretty cool. Aside from freelance graphic design […]

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