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Farm to Yoga

by Jennifer Fleischmann on May 12, 2015

Event Details & Ticket Prices 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.; $35 day-pass including a farm tour, yoga, lunch and more (Children under the age of 10 are FREE with purchase of one day-pass.) If there is rain on May 30 the event will be held on May 31. Find out more about Farm to Yoga […]

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GiveSTL Day

by Becca Pace May 5, 2015

We did it before and we did it, AGAIN! St. Louis in the National Ranks On Tuesday, May 5, 2015, EarthDance joined 789 other organizations in the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area for the 2nd annual Give STL Day. For 24 hours, people from all over the St. Louis region and beyond donated online to […]

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Chicks & Hens: The EarthDance Family Grows by 65

by Suzanne Hart May 5, 2015

The EarthDance family has grown substantially in the past month. At the end of April, we welcomed 65 chicks into our hearts and farm operations. They were tiny little balls of fluff when they first arrived as day-old chicks, but, 1 week later, they had doubled in size. They’re currently living in a brooder in […]

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Notes from the Field: May

by Monica Pless May 5, 2015

Mowing. We have a fabulous volunteer this year who I’m particularly excited about. Nick came 2 weeks ago and loaded our brush-hog, the mower that is pulled behind the tractor, onto a pickup. He’s taken it back and sharpened the blades, welded patches to the frame and adjusted and bolted the back wheel on. Despite […]

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Guest Post: Glyphosate News RoundUp

by Guest Contributor April 30, 2015

Our current, conventional food system is based on the use of glyphosate, an herbicide which is designed to kill all green plants. (Remember for a minute that all of our oxygen and food comes from green plants. Then consider a business plan that depends on selling more of this green-plant-killing chemical every year.) In 1970, a […]

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