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Pollination Takes On A New Meaning

by Molly on March 11, 2015

On the morning of February 25th, Rachel and I boarded a public bus in Olympia, Washington. “Is this our stop?” “Yup, I think so.” Alighting at Elliott Avenue, we passed a vacant gas station at the corner, and just a few yards further found the sign for “GRuB Farm”, nestled in the middle of a […]

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101 Facts That Make Us Hopeful About the Future of Food

by Guest Contributor March 10, 2015

“Food Tank is highlighting stories of hope, innovation, and success in creating a better food system. From women’s land access in Chad and urban green spaces in Australia to chefs in the United Kingdom and the United States implementing local, sustainable food sourcing—there are thousands of innovations giving us hope about the future of food.” […]

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Note from the Founder: March

by Molly March 10, 2015

What gives you hope? Normally one wouldn’t think that an annual report would inspire hope. But when I read the annual report (written by our Program Director Rachel Levi) summarizing the progress we’ve made on establishing an organic pear orchard at EarthDance, I got butterflies in my stomach. A big smile appeared on my face […]

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Know Your Farmer, Your Food, & Your Neighbors: Community Supported Agriculture

by Jennifer Fleischmann March 6, 2015

“It’s like subscribing to a magazine, only, to a farm instead.” This is the first description of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) that I ever heard. It wedged itself snugly into my brain and stuck; after 7 months of employment at an organization that has operated a CSA for almost 5 seasons, the magazine-CSA analogy has […]

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A St. Louis Guide to Orcharding: How, Why, & What it Takes to Grow Your Own

by Guest Contributor February 24, 2015

Fruit in History: History, when looked at like a tree, is loaded with juicy fruit. Treasure fleets of 15th century China lined their top-most decks with citrus trees for extended oversea expeditions. They realized that something locked within (vitamin C, in this case) prevented the onset of a sailor’s worst enemy, scurvy. Bananas forged an […]

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